Welcome to The Writers’ Room…Ottawa

I’ve been looking into this for a few months, and haven’t been very successful in finding a really cohesive group of screenwriters in Ottawa, whether established or up-and-coming…if one is out there, it’s not well publicized.  I want to create a group for those people who get together, swap and share knowledge and ideas, and make it a priority to continue working the craft.  There are a few Facebook groups out there, and some people who want this group to exist, but not alot of basics – like when/where/how.

So, I decided to bring it all together.

Ottawa has become a place where movies are shot, celebrities come and go, and a place where screenwriters should be able to live and work out of (even if they sell their work in other cities or countries).  Writing is a solitary endeavour most of the time, but if you do too much navel gazing, you never get the real world feedback that everyone needs once in a while.  This group, I’m hoping, will solve that.  And, I want it to be a face-t0-face group.  We do so much work behind the keys these days that sometimes it’s nice just to meet someone, break bread, share a coffee or a drink, and make nicey.  It doesn’t even have to cost much, it just has to happen.  And it has to mean something for those that show up.

My idea: a once a month (or more frequent, if warranted) meeting of the minds, to discuss, swap, critique and get feedback on the characters, scenes and scripts that we’re all working on.  I know screenwriters are out there, and I know some of you are represented and working out of more fabulous and metropolitan centers…but let’s make Ottawa the place that everyone else can envy.

What?  You’re a screenwriter in Ottawa?  Who knew?

Join me.  We can figure out the rest.

First meeting (and general schedule): January 16th, 2011.  Third Sunday every month.

Location: The Carleton Tavern (upstairs), Parkdale at Armstrong, Hintonburg

Time: 2PM-4PM

Hope you can join me.

If you’re on Facebook, I started a group there too.  Find us: The Writers Room Ottawa – and join up or send a message.  I will add you to the group.


Jennifer Mulligan


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